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FS: G&P Stoner Mk23 LMG

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I have, for all intents and purposes, a BNIB G&P Mk23. It has an absolutely kick *** performance (NOT an exaggeration) of around 28rps with a velocity of 450 + fps right OUT OF THE BOX! 

It's from my collection and I am the original owner, having purchased it at least 5 or 6 years ago. It has only been used to show off it's amazing performance (maybe 3 or 400 rounds fired (launched?) max, if that). A beautiful Stoner LMG. To my knowledge these are no longer available, except, perhaps, overseas. Guges may know  it's availability, if any!

Here is background info:

My price is $420. Shipping is half on buyer, half on seller, me. It's a pretty darn large box. No trades. Shipping CONUS only, via USPO.

May have equally new extra box magazine (just have to locate it in my many, many boxes of parts, accessories 😕

Absolutely immaculate shape/condition. And Rip-Roaring performance. I kid thee not....  Please note, today I'm not being allowed to load even one picture (at a size of 426KB)!  Please PM me with email addy and I'll be happy to send.


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