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Here is the system I use to prevent goggles from fogging up

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Hi guys

I’ve been testing this system I’ve designed for a year now and it works fine, no fogging issues anymore. This type of goggles are designed to be worn with a helmey which restricts the airflow behind the lenses. Furthermore in airsoft a mouth mask is a good idea but this reduces the flow even more and it potentially make humid air from breathing getting inside and worsens the fogging problem. With this air pump the air is pulled from inside the goggles and fresh clean air enters through the surrounding frame. This way humidity decreases and the temperature in the interior gets closer to that of the exterior. It works also in 100% relative humidity.

The disadvanges: it adds complexity to setting up your carrier and googles, a little bit of weight, the tube that attach to the goggles is a bit incomodating but at least for me it’s not an issue. It makes some noise but you can turn it off when needed. 


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