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High cappa frame advise?

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Hi, I’m very new here and relatively new to the AS world. I’ve been playing, modifying, and messing up my hi-cappas (6 to be exact) for a little over a year now. I’m pretty sure these things are not designed for the amount of abuse I put them through, however I’m sick of buying a new gun every 2 months because the frame is broken in half. I use the AS to practice for USPSA in my backyard, I shoot in open division, so naturally I want my AS to be set up similar to my race gun with a frame mounted optic and thumb rest, among several other things to increase recoil that I realize are contributing to my problem. My question is will a Airsoft Masterpiece aluminum frame with full length rails or something similar hold up to the abuse? Or am I just pushing the capabilities of an AS gun too far and wasting money?

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