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AK feeding problem

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I've got a problem I can't seem to fix. The AK won't feed at all.

Long story short: the AK si a LCT AK-74, it did not have feeding problems, at all. Not one. I used it with CYMA high cap mags. Worked fine.

Then I put in a CYMA low cap mag, it got stuck. I mean really stuck. I had to unscrew the trigger guard.

Now it won't feed at all. Not even with LCT high cap mags. 

If I pull on the mag it feeds. But then it stops feeding when I let  go. The trigger guard does not press on the back of the magazine so it will not stay up and feed bbs. 

I bought a CYMA trigger guard, it still doesn't work.

Now I bought a CYMA hop up chamber, the metal one, which solved my feeding problems on a DBOYS AK. I hope it will solve it here also...

I have no idea why it worked perfectly fine before  and now it just doesn't want to feed bbs from the magazines...


Any thoughts or ideas? If the new hop up chamber does not solve it I have no idea what to do.

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You probably changed how the trigger guard seated so it doesnt hold the mags in right. You only messed with one part so most likely that's all that's wrong with it. Unless you broke the hop up unit from jamming the magazine in. Definitely fixable, just gotta figure out what the heck got knocked out of alignment.

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