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Old dog taught kids something!

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My first trip out ever last weekend was a indoor area and the guy that brought me had told me there would probably be other vets my age (45) but it just depends who shows up for the day.

Now I am first to admit I'm not young n spry like I once was in my army days. 

Turns out a bunch of 20 something kids were the play of the day and these kids had experience.  First three games I swear I had to respawn more then anyone there because these kids showed  NO mercy on this broken down old fart. Fourth game tho it was a pistol and knife only free for all and this time I had a plan!

There was a goul hanging on one wall left from Halloween with long black cloth hanging from it. It was hanging in like a three way intersection that looking through the fabric I had a view of all incoming traffic 🤨😁 

Let off a few potshots to make noise and lure them in and waited..... first one comes walking back against the wall sweeping left and right till he passed in front of me. Swung my arm out and knife to the heart! He falls in the corner. Second one same thing but he just two feet off the ground and SCREAMS 😄 falls and says what the hell is this Viet Nam :pain: going on? 🤭

Third guy is on same path n sees the two bodies laying there and suspects something is up so cuts the corner behind a wall. BUT there is a cutout in the wall and as he passed in front my arm came up pistol in hand and I watch his facial expression go from hunting to wth and instant oh crap as I pegged him three times. 

AAR they laughed retelling the feat this old fart first timer pulled on them 😛

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