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Cybergun Taurus PT92 Missing Spring HELP!

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Hi fellow airsofters,

My Cybergun Taurus PT92 kept on going full auto so I took it apart to fix the trigger, etc. During this process a spring flew and went missing . I've been searching for this spring for about 6+ hours now . I'm not even sure what this spring is, from research it looks to be a catch spring release?

My question is:

1)What's the fastest way to replace the spring, and is this the catch release spring for any m9 with full auto/semi-auto

2) Is there a ghetto way to rig this spring?

3) The next time I rebuild my airsoft, how do you guys prevent yourself from "flying springs", I'm starting to think I should build it on a table with a huge box , just in case.

Here is the exact model of the airsoft: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Gas_Blow_Back_Pistols_Cybergun_Cybergun_Taurus_PT92_Hairline_Silver_CO2_GBB.htm

Thank you for your time, and happy airsofting.


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That model is considered "Disposable".  CYB has no intention of supporting it with Spare Parts.  I know...I worked there.

You will have to find a doner gbb with some other issue and get the parts from there.   Do you have the original manual?  There should be an exploded diagram there.


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