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Helmet for Hunting

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Hello, I am not an Airsoft person but am in need of an affordable helmet so I thought I would ask the guys that use this gear for advice. I am a houndsman and run dogs at night. I'm looking for a helmet that I can wear largely for safety. Just something so if I fall and hit my head I've got a better chance of not being injured. I also need it to support my headlamp so I can see where I'm walking and be able to shine the trees. Below is a list of criteria I at least think I need. I appreciate your opinions.

Able to protect my head in good fall down a rocky hill

Something that stays cool...I tried a cheap helmet to get a feel for things and even in a January snow storm my head was dripping sweat. 

Adjustable so that it fits my head very well....I spend a significant portion of the time looking up so I need it to stay on...a comfortable chin strap is ok but I would prefer something without having to use the chin strap...my days of running through the battle field are many years behind me

Light weight and comfortable

Side pic rails so small lights can be mounted

I'll have to figure out how to mount my main headlamp to the front

Ability to attach a hard protective face mask...This is not only to help keep my face warm in the cold winter winds but mostly to protect my face and eyes from briers and branches...wouldn't mind if this made it look like the predator or something but that is not really important

Cost less than $100

Need to be able to shoot my Super Sixty rifle (can remove the face mask when shooting)

Again thank you for your opinions and I apologize if this is not the right place for this post or if I'm violating a rule

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If you have a "big" head.  There isn't much of an option for replica helmets.  If you have a normal size head...you have some options.

The Airsoft ones which function really well feature wise aren't made to big head specs or USA Head sizes.

While at Palco I did have one company make the XXL size and it was a great seller...but it's not common any more...well...wait...I do have a prototype still in my basement.

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