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I'm working on finding worries, problems, and pain points within the airsoft community, I'm looking for individuals who have played airsoft for at least six months and have all their gear to be part of an interview I am conducting. I would be thrilled to get to speak with anyone who wants to share their story. 


The interview will be conducted over the phone (I don't want to die of COVID-19) to keep everyone safe. 


If you are interested, you can either reply to this post or reach out to me at MarkCNwokedi at gmail.com

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What wrong with Airsoft and you are going to ask only someone who has only  "6-month" of EXP?  You are not going to get one that is qualified to answer your initial question accurately.

I'll tell you the major issues of what's wrong from 3 decades of experience.

1.  Wrong information is passed as the Gospel - People don't think big picture or ask...why is that?

2.  Airsofters don't like to be corrected  - See number 1.

3. 80% of the parts sold are just stock parts rebranded as an "upgrade" part - SHS (upgrade) and A&K (OEM) come from the same production line, literally.

4. US Distributors do NOT have your best interest in mind.  They want to fleece you quick and go after the next newb - Tenergy Products, Silicone Oil

5. No standards in componentry - Most things are not TM compatible any more.

6. Products are made, sold and used due to a defect of "another" part. And then it gets canonized as a necessary upgrade part - bearings on spring guide/piston head and o-ring nozzles.

I could think up about 5 or 10 more things...but I get distracted easily on 'What's wrong with Airsoft".

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^ what he said.  


I will add that most players today do not want to learn tactics, team movement or coms.  As well as they want to full on Call Of Duty style of game where they are blowing thru an entire 5K bag of bb's in an afternoon of gaming.  And they have always "hit" you, even though they are 150 yards away in high wind.  

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Your question itself is biased and skewed which suggests your motives are nefarious.  Why are you trying to paint airsoft in negative lighting ?  If your intentions were genuine, you might try asking, “ what do you like and dislike about airsoft?”   With such a biased and negative view of airsoft, your results will also be biased as well.  Plus, you’re not going to find anyone qualified to answer your question correctly with only “6 months experience”.  Unless of course that exactly what you’re looking for... someone who hasn’t been playing for long and for someone to feed you wrong information based on lack of experience / qualification to further your bad opinion about airsoft in the first place.  

people who try to report negatively on (any) issues or news they know nothing about with intentional skewed, wrong or bad information are a disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves.  And just in case you’re wondering what “fake news is”. It’s people like yourself who pull this sort of crap.  Are we really becoming a nation of fake news reporting on every level ?

grow some integrity or at least look in the mirror and begin to make the world a better place if you can find it in your heart to do so.  

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