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I would recommend this. It has an integrated MOSFET, flat trigger, is skeletonized, has a 6.03 tight bore barrel, and has purple, green, or red colors. I think it looks dope, and while it is an m4, it is sure to stand out among the other ordinary m4s. It also fits into your price range at 275. I think it would be a good buy. Either that or go with an Evo scorpion. They look sick but are over your budget by around $100 dollars. You could also look into a G&G carbine. They look really cool and shoot well. Or you could even get a Tavor. They look really cool, and seemingly shoot well and get good reviews. Additionally, you could get a Famas. It has an integrated MOSFET, looks cool, and is only $200. You could also get one of these pistol Carbines. It has a skull on the Magwell that looks cool. I'd also strongly recommend the Baretta carbine. It is electric blowback, which I'm a big fan of as it makes it more realistic and fun to play with. Hope this has helped!

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I’ve always really liked the g&g arp 9 but I play mostly field and not cqb. If I went that route, is there anyway I could get it to be able to compete with full size AEGS? I’m planning on installing g hop on what ever I end up getting plus some internal stuff like shimming and gearing changes. Do you guys think a barrel extension would be needed too, for field play?

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What the AEG looks like on the outside absolutely has No Bearing on what it does.  We all shoot the 6mm ball and thus we are all subject to the Same Limitations.  300fps at the muzzle is 300fps.  Regardless of barrel length.

There is no such thing as a "field" gun, nor is there such a thing as a CQB gun in reality.

I have played with a 5'6" Filipino with a TM SG1 that destroyed people in room to room fighting and I have played with a former military vet with a MP5KPDW in the woods.  He held off an entire flank with 200 round hicaps and a 250fps AEG (well 3 guys and he was on the tape line).  It's about skill and your ability to use your "tools".

However, those that are not "experienced" in the arts for fire and movement can benefit greatly from the abilities of their "tools".

With that an ARP 9 runs a full cylinder with a short barrel for a reason...it's to prevent PME in high ROF situations.

People have just swapped barrels to a 365mm and hid the extra length in a mock suppressor and got the FPS up to 400 with .20g.  In a head to head situation...you are on par with other unskilled players.

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