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CYMA dragunov upgrade problems

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19 minutes ago, Guges Mk3 said:

it's still intruding into the barrel enough to put a spin on your bb.

There's essentially no spin on my bb when fully dialed out. Range is horrible. Completely useless as any sort of DMR. I can honestly say I get better performance out of my stock packing and nub than the ML one. I've never heard of these sorts of problems with ML packing and nubs, but I'm not exactly steeped in the community of ML users. I never could've imagined that this would be so difficulty. I'm tempted to install the ML packing and nub I currently have in someone else's AEG (with their permission, of course) with the intention to observe the performance of their AEG with my ML packing and nub. I do not know what is unique about my AEG. But this whole topic has raised another question in my mind; I hear some people promote the virtues of using an eraser nub. This seems like a good idea in theory, but in practice, it seems like this would not work. An eraser seems like it would intrude even more into the barrel, creating an obstruction even more insurmountable than an ML packing and nub assembly such as mine. Unless the intention is to never dial in the eraser nub, but rather to leave it almost completely disengaged, and the advantage would just be the enormous contact patch. But, I assume that if some people promote the virtues of the eraser nub, and some promote the virtues of the ML packing and nub assembly, both hop up systems must work for those people. I would be very interested to know what is different about the internals, specifically the inner barrel, hop up assembly, etc, of their AEG from mine. My main question is: what do you think I should do about this? Thanks.

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Eraser nubs are for people that have to carve their own nub before the ML types were made.  Do not do this...sorry to say...it adds complexity that will make things even more difficult for you.

Thing is...the hop-up unit you have is not standard.  Couple that with your experience level and someone trying to help you via a forum...it makes it rather difficult to make it work right.  I need a picture of the contact point of the CYMA hop-up.  Specifically the point where the nub attaches to the arm.  I have a slight suspicion about another issue.

Now with your additional comment...with it off..it's not spinning the bb.  I was under the impression it did from your previous description.

Since, it's not...I need a picture of it dialed out and just dialed in where its protruding into the barrel about .5mm  Much like the sample picture I used.  The pictures you posted show way to much dial in.  You should be doing 1/4 turns from no hop, to insufficient hop, to too much hop and then back to the right hop for you bb.  Small adjustments...

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