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Getting back into airsoft after a few years

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Hey all,

Looking at getting back into airsoft after several years and a few moves, thinking about re-gearing. If I remember correctly, my old rig was a KWA M16A12 with like an m130 spring and a 6.02mm barrel, was hitting 430+ with .2g. I enjoy playing as a sniper/DMR, usually heavily camo'd and moving minimally. To meet field requirements I'd filed down my old rig so it only shot semi-automatic, couldn't go fully automatic anymore and not afraid to modify a new rig the same way.

Is KWA still a good manufacturer? Looks like most of their current stuff is geared more for training, got electric feedback and stuff, not super excited about low crawling around with that extra mass and noise. Has LiPo finally fully replaced NiMH batteries? Anything other major developments in the past 5-ish years I might've missed?

Thanks all

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Well this site has died and come back thanks to Admin.  But, when it was down people left and didn't really come back.

I am "that" old guy that you find that has not moved on, but I am on another "livelier" forum also at Society.

Did you have a KWA with a 2GX mechbox?

KWA has fallen out as a major player.  They too have lost their way after the Airsoft - Allizard went to Krytac.  Krytac today is what KWA was 7 years ago.  However, they went proprietary on a few items and modding them is a bit more difficult.

The biggest improvement is the hop-up packings made by Maple leaf.  They out right took the game to the next level in range and accuracy, yet kept it simple.

Motors also changed with Tienly setting the bar real high, but people were too...inexperienced in getting the most out of them.  It spawned a few China clones that match speed but quality and performance is not there.

Mag styles have changed.  More polymer replicas

DBALS are used on real steel...

And oh yeah a China Gun Maker got into the Airsoft game 4 years ago in the E&L.


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