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Airsoft GBBR real parts compatibility

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I have a GBBR M4 that I bought a long time ago and haven't used for at least several years. It's a tan colored receiver with all tan colored magpul accessories (hand guard, pistol grip, stock). The markings on the rifle say it's a Stag Arms and the branding on the box was SOCOM Gear iirc. Anyway, I'm moving soon to another country and don't think I want to bother trying to get these old airsoft guns of mine that I don't even use through customs, but I would like to take with me any parts for that GBBR M4 that would fit onto a real AR-15. I'm obviously going to take the magpul furniture, and some of the lower receiver parts look like they'll fit an AR-15 (just eyeballing them, it looks like the mag release and take down pins can be saved...maybe a couple of other bits). But what I'm really not sure about is whether the A-frame front sight is a functional gas block that would work on a real rifle, or just a decorative piece of metal. It seems like the other magpul parts are all just off-the-shelf rifle parts no different to you'd buy for a real rifle, but this is the one part I'm considering that will actually need to deal with some of the serious stresses of live fire. If anyone's got an experience with this, or knows where they source the parts from when building these, it would be greatly appreciated.

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If its a non-load bearing piece...there is no stress.

My Deer Pistol has many G&P Milspec parts on it.  However, I am not sure if yours is Mil-spec or Com-Spec

Quite honestly...sell it as a whole gun and be done with it with some cash in your pocket.

If your moving to the US...you can get cheap Airsoft GBBR parts here to put on your AR.

Here is a hint....all these AR parts being made.  It all comes from China...you can pick up 20.00 Rails...heck..I got a Giessele Rail and the Giessele rep couldn't even tell them apart.

I also picked up a VLTOR stock from China too and it Came from China with a VLTOR registration card...with a valid serial number on it that I could register on the VLTOR sitw...for 1/4 of the RS price...

And just so you know...they have been doing this since 2006...

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