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I'm pretty new to this forum but I need some help with my aeg. I have an APS (I know its a piece of **** but its all I got) M4 that I've had for about a year now. I have upgraded the piston head and cylinder head after having compression issues with the stock parts. I also have a longer, 6.01mm barrel and a new hop up system. That is all the modifications I've made to the internals. I can't remember exactly when the problem started but my gun has been occasionally shooting full auto or a few rounds of full auto while on semi. It usually goes back to shooting normally but the problem has persisted. Recently it has gotten very bad. I have taken the gun completely apart multiple times and know it like the back of my hand. After doing some research I figured there was something wrong with the cutoff lever. I took it apart today and tried to see if it was in the wrong place, but everything looked to be okay. After I put it back together I dry-fired it a few times without the barrel on. If the gun was laying on its side, it would shoot semi without fail. No problem. So I put the barrel on thinking the problem was fixed but after I did so it shot full auto while I was on semi consistently. Not once did it shoot semi while the barrel was on. So I took it off again and realized that if there is any pressure at all on the nozzle, the gun will shoot full auto without fail on semi. When I say any pressure at all, I mean that if I point the gun up in the air, it shoots full auto. If I rest my finger on the nozzle, it shoots full auto. If I am holding the gun normally without the barrel on, its in between sometimes itll shoot full auto, sometimes it will shoot semi. I know it sounds crazy but this is what is happening and I have no idea why. If any of you have any Ideas for what I should do, please say them because it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for all your help. Please let me know if you have any questions about what is happening.

Thank you,


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Yes.  That is what I thought you were trying to say above.

Touching the nozzle is the really weird part.  That piece doesn't touch the cut off lever.  

What happens when you touch and push down slightly on the top of the nozzle in SA.  Does it still fire FA?

Try this...remove the tappet and nozzle.  Put the box back together and then put on the upper.  Does it still affect SA fire?  I am surmising it may still affect it.


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I don't have time to take the gearbox apart today, at least not until the evening, but I did try pushing down on the top of the nozzle and it did not affect anything. So it will fire SA with a random double shot here and there. This is when I am fully pressing the trigger and holding it. It really starts to go crazy when I try to fire fast in SA. This is not a fast firing gun and there is quite a lot of trigger delay. So when I'm trying to fire quickly in SA I sometimes don't press the trigger for long enough for the gun to fire and it ends up being half cocked. On the next shot it fires two and it gets all out of whack. The gun is making more noise than normal so when I do take it apart I will make sure to clean everything and oil the gears, which might reduce friction and increase the trigger response/fire rate.

I have also looked into getting a gate AAB mosfet, a new cutoff lever, and maybe a faster motor. All of which will help with the trigger response and fire rate.

Thank you for your help.

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