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Bad green gas or bad gas seal on magazine?

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I recently obtained 10 KWA Airsoft handguns and 20 green gas magazines.

we have been using the guns for the last three days with only a few issues.  Today almost every gun start to malfunction.  You could hear leaking gas or when the gun was fired it would dump all the gas in the magazine.

What would cause this?  How can I fix it.

The guns, magazines, and green gas were kept in a storage shed for three years and subject to extreme temperatures.  Could that have effected  the green gas can or damaged the gas seals on the magazines?

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Okay...what has happened to you is not "uncommon" for KWA.

Let me say this...American Consumerism Does Not Apply to Airsoft.  There is no QC in anything, there are no standards to manufacturing.  It's a buyer beware market..throw out any expectations you may have about products and we will go from there.

So with that, I will tell you what has happened to your KWA products.

First off, what brand gas is this?  From what I said above about being No QC.  This could be a factor in your seal failure.  When the gas bottlers bottle the gas.  They Do Not Filter the propane.  Many impurities gets into the gas.  Solvents that they cleaned the tank with from a prior run.  Grease, oil, flecks of debris and water, yes water.

Plus, the USA Airsoft Industry is rather "stupid", I know...I worked for them and the people that were the Captains of the company wouldn't be able to launch a dingy in a kiddie pool.

KWA is an older Taiwanese Airsoft company their seals are "rubber", old rubber, rubber that was not designed to have "solvents" with oil injected into the mags under pressure type old magazine.  The very thing that GG is made of, Propane and Oil.  Back before 2006, Green Gas was HFC-122 a refrigerant.  This did not harm "rubber" seals, nor was it made with oil in the material.  However, bring that these are "rubber" seals.  They did dry out.  Oiling them with Silicone oil does help rejuvenate the seal, but only if there were no impurities in the oil.  It doesn't take much to destroy KWA seals.

Plus oil in the gas puts oil in places you don't want oil and it doesn't put oil on the places you need oil.  With a KWA product, this is highly detrimental...remember they are an old Airsoft company.

You need to run Dry Propane, no oil.

You need a light grease or a heavy oil and you need to lube the rails, friction points and the hammer group.

^That is the PROPER way of making your KWA's last 20 years.  I have one from 1999...still running...albeit it has become a shelf queen.

Now...for your leaks.  Take a wide mouth clear glass bottle/cup.  Fill it with water.  Fill a leaky mag and put the base in.  Is it leaking from around the bottom base seal or the fill valve.  The bubbles will tell you.  Base seals are easy to reinforce and reseal.  Fill valves, your toast.  Unless you have access to really, really small o-rings...the gas/oil most likely ate the rubber.

FYI...I have been Airsofting since the 20th Century.  I am the last of the Old Rainbow Unicorns that helped bring Airsoft to the USA...that is just my level of experience.

Edited by Guges Mk3

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