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How much maintenance before selling an old gun?

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So the last time I used my airsoft collection was about 2014. In those 6 years, the guns have been kept in a dark, cool place, but obviously haven't been used or maintained. 

To prep these guns for sale, would we assume that the hop up is shot if the rubber is 11 years old? Are my batteries that have been unused for 6 years going to hold a charge? I just charged up the battery for my classic army SCAR-L (CA202P) and it seemed to shoot perfectly. 

In a perfect world, I would like to sell two KWA M4s (generation 1) to someone who needs a cheap starter gun. I just wouldn't want to sell something with a bunch of caveats about how well the gun would work, since the guns are ancient. Then I'd sell the CA Scar to a more experienced player because it is discontinued, really beautiful, and I would consider it rare (it isn't the sportline version, but a version that predated sportline, full metal and used to retail for about $300-400). 

Please let me know what kind of easy maintenance I should do to be courteous to those buying my guns when they go on sale. 

PS, what is the preferred means to sell guns these days? I have sold on eBay before, and I remember this facebook group I once belonged to was just full of people without any money (they would only trade you). Is there a good way to sell? I'm assuming facebook marketplace wouldn't be ideal. 



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Not much response on this Forum Greg.  It went down a couple of years back and the people that left went to Arnies and Society.

The answers you got on AS would be the same as from people here.

But to reiterate...Easy maintenance is taking out the barrel and seeing if the hop-up rubber is intact and not cracked.

If you didn't mess with the mechbox...you can leave it in stock form and just note that when you sell it.  

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