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So I recently purchased the S&T m1903a3 simply because it's beautiful and the specs didn't look half bad. It performs at 390 fps stock and I would say I could hit somebody 75-80 percent of the time at 155-165 feet. Very very good for WW2 skirmishing. Not even close to a respectable airsoft sniper rifle in a real game. So I want to make it viable. There are a number of ways I could go about doing this, most obviously I could do this if I purchase the TNT upgrade parts designed to be used with the S&T m1903a3. I'm open to other suggestions, though. I'm told that the internals of this rifle are proprietary. They're not just VSR 10 internals in a cooler looking body, which really made me unhappy, until I realized that there are still good upgrade options. So if anybody could suggest things I could do to improve the performance of this gun, that would be great. Secondly, the scope. The scope I'm currently using is this thing;


I bought it because it got good reviews, looked decent, and was cheap. When I got it, it was solid, the variable magnification worked perfectly, but you can not sight the stupid thing in. The reticle does not move. So I got a free replacement that supposedly worked. It did not. So I've concluded that the claim that the scope can be zeroed is false. I don't know what I expected for 38 dollars. I'm fairly certain that it's not user error because checking if the crosshairs move is the simplest thing in the world and I use scopes of all kinds frequently on real firearms, so I am fairly familiar with scopes. I also called evike to be sure I was doing everything right. So I am inquiring if anybody can recommend a decent scope that functions properly. 

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Why would you think a "Proprietary" system would have upgrade parts?

99% of the sub 100 scopes that you find in Airsoft is "made in china".

If you want better...you need to pay more.  That 3-9 is a 18.00 Wholesale Scope...18.00 scopes...aren't that good...

Another thing is every one shoots 6mm with Magnus Effect.  There is no advantage in a 6mm BAR over other 6mm BB dispensers.  Rather you should be using a Crossbow Scope with 3-4 reticle points for different ranges.  Because your bb flies more like a bolt than a .30 caliber bullet going 2800fps.



Here is one for about the price of that non-working 3-9X40



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19 minutes ago, Guges Mk3 said:

Why would you think a "Proprietary" system would have upgrade parts?



is objectively upgraded from this;


There is a list of the parts used to upgrade the m1903a3 in the page the first link leads you to on swit. Therefore, it stands to reason that since there is an upgraded m1903a3, and the list of parts used to upgrade the m1903a3 is on the page, upgrade parts do exist. What's more, I've found all of them for sale on swit, specifically to be used with the stock m1903a3. Here; 





That is every single upgrade part meant to be used on the stock s&t m1903a3. The reason I would think that there are upgrade parts for a proprietary system is because there are. As I said in my first post, I am told that the system s&t uses for their m1903a3 is proprietary. It may not be. I don't know. Are you saying that it definitely is proprietary? 

Thank you for the link to the scope. 



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That is a Custom Shop in Taiwan...those parts you are listing are custom made by them...and not sold outside of their shop.  Thus that is why I don't consider them an "upgrade" rather it's a custom shop replacement.  A very fine line between parts that make it work better versus replacing parts that are just made of a lower grade material.

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