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AEG Rifle and GBB pistol for Airsoft LARPing

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This is my first post to the forum!  

I'm very new to airsoft but I have a lot of experience with real firearms and hunting.

There is a local club not far from me that does post-apocalyptic themed Airsoft events every month.  I just want to walk around with a few friends, shoot each-other and get in the occasional firefight.

After watching a lot of YT videos and buying guides and I have a loose idea of what features I want in an  Airsoft replica.  Brands and vendors preferences seem very subjective. The same is true in the firearms industry. 

I want to get kit together composed of a rifle and pistol.  Based on what I’ve leaned so far, the best bang for the buck seems to be an AEG M4/16 variant and some kind of semi-auto GBB pistol. (If I’m wrong please tell me.)

Budget: I’d like to keep the price around $500 for both guns with the understanding I’m looking at another $200 or so for, batteries, goggles, ammo and spare parts.

I’m basically looking for the Honda Civics of airsoft guns. The reliable, possibly boring, “your sick of seeing them, but God they run great” type of setup.

Things I care about:


Easy maintenance

Metal internal parts

Metal body is nice to have but not required

Available replacement parts

Quick change spring

Upgrade path to MOSFET and LIpo

Low cost of operation (Is this going to start a CO2 VS Green Gas holy war?)

Anything else I “should” care about?



Things I don’t care about:


Brand-name for a status point of view

Weight,  (I have experience with real AR15s so realistic weight doesn’t bother me)

Barrel length,  longer is better IMO but from my understand  it doesn’t affect accuracy as much as you might think?

Weaver/picatinny Rails, MLOK key-Mod

Extra sights or scopes, Irons are fine.



I’ve head G&G and CYBERGUN make decent AEGs but Lancer has a quick change spring.


For pistols ELITE FORCE seems to be a good name with the 1911 and the HK UPS being better models.


 Any and all advice would be appreciated.



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Where ever you heard that Cybergun makes good AEG's.  Stop listening to them.  They are actually the king of the other end of the spectrum.

EF 1911...who ever gave you that info too...is pretty ignorant.  Don't listen to them either...and they are NOT a good name.  They are just a "mass" market name and thus that is all people know.  Sadly this compounds an effect of "what I own is bestest".  So you will have people literally defend a turd, just because they didn't know better, but would rather say it's good than admit wrong or acknowledge to the "real data".  This mentality still confuses me to this day...and this is going on 22 years of known USA Airsoft history.

Let me just say this as a warning for you.  American Consumerism Does Not Apply in Airsoft.  There are no standards, there is hardly and QC.  Warranties are worthless and you get what you pay for unless it's a product sold by a distributor, then you are getting fleeced...intentionally.

The bad things in Airsoft are:
CO2 Pistols
Low Cost AEG's under a distributors "brand".  
House Brands
LION Batteries
Dumb Chargers without chemistry logic.
High Polish BBs

However, with that...what you seek is not to hard to supply.  For 500.00 you can get a E&C AEG that has a quick change mechbox for the spring - 250.00


As for a pistol...rather than go by brand name...list what platform you want and then we can steer you in a direction for your needs.

I can do that AEG, the KJW KP17 pistol, spare mags for both, battery and charger for your 500 price point, shipped with insurance.

Edited by Guges Mk3

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Hi Guges,

Thanks for the feedback.

In answer to your pistol question,  If I had my druthers I would get a Smith and wesson M&P replica. I own a M&P40 and it would be nice to not have to buy new holsters. 🙂  That being said a gock 17 or 19 would be fine, its a very simaler platform.   I also Like the Sig P226.

The  E&C AEG  you posted looks sweet.  a couple additional questions:

  • Does it have a rotar hop up adjustment and is that a big deal?  
  • Are parts reddaly available?
  • Is this a metal or polymer receiver? 


I'm pleased to hear that green gas isn't nessasary. But from some of your other posts it is my understanding that propain and butain run better at lower ambiant tempratures like 70F or below.  If not CO2 what would you run at higher temps? What about target practice in doors?

Thanks again.


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I must preface this comment for ALL new players.

American Consumerism DOES NOT apply in Airsoft.  Most aftermarket parts are just stock parts rebagged and sold at a premium.

There are no standards any more and in recent years, parts are becoming more and more LESS compatible between the makers.

You get what you pay for in Airsoft with FACTORY parts.  Any rebrands is a fleecing scheme aimed at new players.  The sellers know you will overpay on hype.

LION batteries are NOT worth the cost for Airsoft use, these items are sold as hype.

The M&P option that is only readily available is the WE "Big Bird".  I have one minus the gas mag.  Sadly that platform is not in high demand and thus the accessories and parts are not very plentiful.

Rotary hop-up is not a "big deal", technically all hop-ups are rotary either the side or on the back and they "turn".  What you are are asking about is most likely this unit.


And it does have that type of hop-up.

Like most other AR's which uses a V2 mechbox, yes.  Parts are available.

E&C is metal, but don't get hung up on the receiver being metal.  Some polymer receivers are better than some metal receivers.

The Gas pistol has one all encompassing criteria and that is...it depends.

If you shoot in consistently cold temps.  Runs a Low Pressure valve in your gas gun.  BTW...Green Gas is Propane WITH impurities in it.

It's all about gas pressure.  Know the gas and it's pressure levels.  

From low pressure to high pressure use to maintain a consistent FPS.

ET2200-ET2000 Refrigerants.
Propene - ISO-Butane (not like regular butane)

Now if you flip this chart and use the gas in reverse order...your gun may not function correctly, blow parts off it or not work at all due to "vapor lock".

CO2 is a worthless Airsoft gas...don't even waste your time and money on it.


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You mentioned in your preveous post that the Airsoft industry is very inconsistent and QC is poor.

My question about about parts availablity is more in regard to replacement parts not upgrades.  I just want to keep stuff running if something breaks.

I couple more questions if you don't mind.

I assume a V2 Mechbox is as close to an induistry standard as you get in airsoft?

Is it worth it to run a MOSFET?  (Yes I know what a MOSFET is 🙂  My undertstanding is that they are used in AEGs to take the electrical load off the microswitch in the trigger assembally to allow for higher voltage battery packs and promote longer life of parts.

Any raccomendations for a Glock 17 replica?

Do you just sell through the forum or do you have a website I could look at?


Thanks for all your time.


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That ties into Parts availability and not mutually exclusive.  One "gear set" may drop right in...another's may not.

If you run it in stock form it will last a long time, like 100K bbs worth of time.

If you change something, the spring is not an issue and the piston isn't a major factor either being that this is still an Airsoft AR.  Parts are the same...to a certain extent.

V2 being an industry standard...um, no.  The V2 is more of a configuration than a "standard".  Standard would be TM, but that factor is has slipped badly after 2008.

MOSFET kits rae not "worth" it if you are NOT running a high voltage and amperage set-up.  In stock form...leave it alone.

Marui G17 Gen 4 is the latest and the greatest.  Their hop-up is what is classified as "godly" in their latest design.  Of which I do have 2 left, spare mags are available.

Being that I am a broker, no I do not actively sell on a dedicated website.  This adds cost and complexity.  I do list several items on eBay.  But, most of my cool stuff is "unlisted", though I may pop a few on Hop-Up.

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