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G&P M870 P.T.E. High Power Shotgun !!!HELP JAM!!!

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Hey all, glad this forum is back up!

So my favorite springer that's not a sniper is a G&P M870 and I have it loaded up with a scope, laser, and have 12 mags for it and it's brutally accurate at 60-80 yards (pic #1).

I regularly lubricate it with silicon spray and use good ammo. Last time I attempted to use it, I put in the mag and cocked it, but it felt funny. It wouldn't shoot and the cocking didn't change and didn't full engage. Also, the mag will snap out and in regardless the pump position (the mag should only come out when the pump is pulled in). Also, when I pump it without a mag in, the mechanism (black plastic) that I assume pushes a pellet in shooting position from the mag, doesn't move (pic #2). I'm thinking this shows the issue.

Any ideas on what is jammed? Anyone had this issue? Anyone ever taken one of these apart?

Thanks in advice mates!!



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Sounds more like your charging/cocking arm broke.

You should be using silicone spray as a lubricant (the industry is wrong on this BTW...).  You should be using a heavy oil or a light grease.

As for disassembly, I cannot assist.

You might want to pose this question on Airsoft Society for when ASF went down...the flock went there and to Arnies.  

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I've signed up on Airsoft Society, but I cannot post as of yet. Thanks for the info. After researching it a bit myself, I found this part seems to be one that people who own these are always looking for: https://www.evike.com/products/51533/?action=product_notify but it seems they are unable to be found.

Think that's probably it? I'll keep looking into it.

I did find this with over 350 downloads: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2044523/files


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