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New Member from Hamlin, NY

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Just posting to say hi.  Havent actually gotten into airsoft yet.  My 14 yr old son just started and loves it.  Bought him a G&G CM16 SRS and hes only played once but he is hooked.

We rec3ently found out we have an outdoor field - River City Airsoft - right around the corner from our house.   I was able to spectate and watch him play and it looks like a blast.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself before I started asking a bunch of questions to help me decide if this is something I want to get into.  If I rent Im looking at about $60 a visit.  If I buy my equipment its like $20 a visit.  Trying to weigh my options because money is tight and I spent all I had on my sons gear, lol.

I will be posting questions in the appropriate forum soon.

Great site by the way,



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Hi and welcome to a new addiction.


You should also sign up on Airsoft Society.  When ASF went down some of us migrated there.  The people that went there are some specialists.  Like battery, tuning, mechnical optimization.  Me...I am a logistic and procurement specialist for Airsoft...I now and then peek in here (daily) to help all with my 3 decades of experience.

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