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Looking to purchase my first gun and equipment.

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So unfortunately I live in Upstate NY and purchasing airsoft guns from websites has proven to be a little difficult as not many will ship to me.  So Im afraid Im limited to the few shops we have in my area.

I haven't played yet but from everything Im reading the M4 style seems to be the way to go.  I thought about a pistol because of the size and mobility but with most clips only holding about 16 rounds I would need to buy extra clips and extra CO2 carts.

Since I spent all my money on my sons setup money will be an issue for me.  Cant afford to drop $200+ for a gun if Im not sure I will be able to play often. 

The only gun I have really researched is the G&G CM16 Raider which they sell at the field near me for under $200 but I don't think it has a mosfet and Im not sure if it takes LIPO batteries.

Mind you, Im not SOLD on getting the Raider but I do like the style.

Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.


- Forgot to mention - I would be playing mostly at outdoor field and engaging from 20 - 50ft.  I don't want to be a sniper. :)


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16 round mags and CO2?

That is EF1911...one of the Worst Airsoft pistols ever.

Don't buy that.  Not Effective hop-up and not adjustable for range.
CO2 is a terrible power source.  Inconsistent and suffers from cool down more so than Organic Gas.

The only good thing about that pistol is that it will make you a better player.

CM16 Raider is a fine AEG.  However, you don't need a mosfet and Any AEG can run Any type of battery as long as the voltage is around 8.0v IUnder load and it puts out 15A of power.

If you want some thing...import one to NY via a private Sale like most airsofters do...

20-to 50 feet?  This isn't paintball.  These thing out of the box can hit 50 yards and with slight tweeking...90 yards.

Since your son has an AR, I would get an AR also to share mags

I can start you off with a package, granted my items are slight more "rare" and a step above a base G&G CM16...

If you can spare 300.00 I can give you a AEG package or I can work up a pistol and AEG package...on second thought...you should just stick to AEG's at this time...not need to get ahead of yourself with equipment at this time.

Package includes a unique AEG, battery, Good charger and spare mags.

My trader rating on the left is 74...and my ebay rating is 5500+  just as a reference.


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