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Novritsch BB Weight/FPS Guide

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I am new to airsoft and need some help here.

How Accurate is this? So many websites say different things.  Like with Buckings as well.  Some say Soft Buckings are for <350 Fps  and Hard Bucking are for >400fps.


0,25g for 230-330 fps (0,5 - 1,0 Joules)
0,28g for 330-400 fps (1,0 - 1,5 Joules)
0,30g for 360-400 fps (1,2 - 1,5 Joules)
0,32g for 360-400 fps (1,2 - 1,5 Joules)
0,36g for 400-470 fps (1,5 - 2,0 Joules)
0,40g for 430-520 fps (1,7 - 2,5 Joules)
0,43g for 450-520 fps (1,9 - 2,5 Joules)
0,46g for 490-700 fps (2,2 - 4,5 Joules)
0,49g for 520-700 fps (2,5 - 4,5 Joules)


Thank you

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What they say about Packing/Rubbers (proper term for a made up word called "Bucking") is absolutely irrelvant.

As you will learn...in this industry, Airsoft.  American Consumerism Does Not apply.

Nothing is made to a standard and 92% of the upgrade parts are just "stock" parts sold in a bag at 20 times the cost to fleece new players.

AEG's are complete systems and you Cannot Snap in a part like a video game gun and get an improvement.

QC is non-existant and most of the information you get is garbage (Titan LION and EF1911 for a example, junk being sold as the best of the best), irrelevant in most cases.

You shoot the BB you want to shoot for the effects you need.  Like in real firearms...

For example I use .28g MEDIUM polish with a 50 degree packing.  Why?

Think Golf Ball and how much back spin you can impart for consistency.  Less contact is good.  High polish means less friction and it also decreases the Magnus Effect....etc.

So...to get the best performance, don't look at charts (since they are inaccurate) rather tune based on your components on hand.



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