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WE Glock 18c repair/upgrade help?

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Hi, so I recently bought a bit very broken Glock 18c from my friend with an intend to fix it. 

It fired whole mag when you stretched the slide (even without pulling or touching the trigger), then all the gas from mag would come out in a very weird way. 

I was unable to remove the slide because it was extremely jammed and the hammer was cocked.

So I somehow managed to completely disassemble, lubricate and assemble the Glock. It works much better, but there are still some issues. 

**Here are the problems:**

\- when firing on semi, glock fires a few good shots, but later it fires the whole mag on full auto and again, the gas comes out. 

\- when firing on semi, the slide gets sometimes stuck and gas comes out.

\- when I stretch the slide wery slowly, it stops at certain position and don't comes back (even though I lubricated it like hundred times)

**Here are my (propably) solutions:**

For the auto firing problem:

I consider buying these steel hammer parts: https://www.airsoft-online.cz/pro-we-glock/ocelove-dily-spoustoveho-mechanismu-tm-a-we-glock-17--19/, but the text says they are made for WE Glock 17, 19. Do you think these would work in my WE Glock 18c?(I am completetly okay with losing the full auto option). + I also consider buying the stronger hammer spring.

For the stuck slide problem:

Stronger 150% slide string maybe?

For the gas problem:

Stronger nozzle spring, maybe new nozzle?

So what parts do you think should be replaced? What do you thing of my solutions?

excuse my english pls

Screenshot_20201008-081413155 (1).jpg

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You will spend the price of the GBB 2 times over buying parts that is not really going to help you.

Are you in the EU?

First off some nomenclature needs to be clarified.  

Stretching a slide?  Slides don't stretch...its a solid piece of metal.  I think you are referring to "racking" the slide?

A 17/19 hammer group will not work with a 18C fire control group.  They Do Not Line up with out "modification".

The SA to FA fire issue is most likely due to a worn disconnector.  Silicone OIL is useless in modern Airsoft.  You need light grease or heavy oil to keep you GBBP in perfect running condition.

Stronger recoil spring will cause other issues if installed.  GBBP are whole functioning system.  You need to understand that if you change a part here.  How does that affect the operation as a whole.  

Posting pictures will help describe your issues better than your descriptions.  Can you post useful pictures of the internal interface between upper and lower?

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Honestly...from the images...nothing.

There is some high wear on certain parts, but nothing is deemed "out of spec".  Was the internals greasy? or dry?

In the assembled pictures the wear parks are indicative of POOR lubrication.  

Note, what ever the distributor or retailer says Silicone Oil Is Not the Proper Lubrication for Modern Airsoft pistols.  I know...I worked for one of these companies and the ignorance is confounding...

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Think "whole" system.

This isn't a video game where you snap in a part and it's an upgrade/repaired.

Heavier recoil spring guide works against you first and then once that resistance is overcome it then moves back and then brings the slide forward..

So, if your slide is "sticking" why would you think a heavier spring would unstick the slide on the backward motion?

On additional thought.  Flex and squeeze your loading nozzle and inspect it for cracks.

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