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I get this msg:

Hi TommyGun,


Today is Friday May 1st, 2020 and it's been awhile since you heard from us 🙂 (understatement of the year).

In the following topic, I mentioned a few things about what all has been going on with the forum the last few years, and that the forum is now back up (she's actually been up for awhile, if you haven't been around much. 

If you have forgotten about us and wondering why you're receiving this email:

You created an account here on 04/12/2010  and the last time you were here was 04/27/2011

I would like to invite you back to take a look at the new forum software and see what you think. 

If you would like to be a forum moderator, please let me know with a text message.


Now I think it would be nice if forums of any kind came back especially AirSoft but the reality is they are not.  Between FakeBook, Twitter, and all the rest of the narcissistic platforms they have destroyed community forums like this one.  The hay days of AirSoft forums are gone guys, big sites like So Cal Airsoft are silent and have been for years like this one.  I played during the yrs of 2001/2015 and all I can say they were the best years ever, team camaraderie, just luv between fellow players, it was great and I'm happy to of been part of the best years.  I see the vids now everybody with 1k loadouts and all the trick guns and they play like crap, run and gun, cheating, fights when they get shot by a little guy, oh did I mention huge egos!.  Yeah the old days are gone, I'm here in AZ now the  player base here is one of the same I've just mentioned.  Sad to say I've retired my gear, still have my various platforms and still screw around the yard but as far as playing with unsavory spoiled players? that ship has sailed.


Don't expect a reply to this thread but what the hell, who is still a community player..

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