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DA/SA trainer recommendation?

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With the scarcity, and high cost when available, of ammo I'd like to start airsoft training as a substitute.  Ideally I'd like a pistol that is DA/SA but I'm a believer that trigger time is trigger time and I could probably be OK with a Glock or HiCapa although the Glocks seem to be sold out everywhere.

My primary criteria are simplicity and reliability.  I don't want to have to start repairing, modifying, and tinkering, so one question I have is if the DA/SA action is going to be as reliable as an SA pistol?

In other forums I've read that Tokyo Marui is the best quality and most reliable but that is from non-experts so I'm asking here.  

TM makes the FNX45 that is DA/SA and available from Evike.  KWA has the M9 available for less $$ but I don't know how KWA compares to TM in quality.

I would appreciate any opinions about choosing between those two pistols, and in hearing of any other options I should be considering.  Thanks!

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Good Airsoft pistols are not that fragile.

Let's start with which pistol you carry and want trigger practice on.

A Glock is a SA only pistol.  FNX is the DA/SA, but so is a M9, P226/9...

So, let's take it a step further by matching the trainer to the RS you have.

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Nope...trigger pull is much lighter in Airsoft.  By about 60% lighter.

With that certain models can have real steel trigger springs installed.  The TM PX4 though, the springs are not the same.

As for revolver, that market is polluted with low end items that are actually "flimsy"

Those would be disposable...the revolver "only" (WIngun, KWC) factories in Airsoft is strictly low end goods.

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KWA M9 can use RS 3/5# triggers

The analog to the is the KSC M9 which can be found for less.


Being that is is for a trainer, I would skip the TM.  You don't need to pay the premium for a performance bb dispensing capability when you just need it as a trigger trainer.

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