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Wanna upgraded/mod my Lancer Tactical MK 18 MOD 0 G2 Field AEG Airsoft Rifle what should I do?

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If your AEG is under the field limit.

Do this from simplest to hardest.

Swap to a better voltage battery.  What are you using now?

Swap out motor to HS motor.  

Change the gear set, but since your new and this seems to be your only AEG.  DO NOT do this.

In this video at 2:00 mark.  The AEG is using a battery supplying 8.2V under load and feeding a 45,000RPM motor.  It's hitting 25 rounds per second and the mechbox is in stock form.


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Possibly the coolest upgrade ever for CQB is a tracer unit. 

But, if you don't want to dish out 70 to 100 bucks and are feeling a little techy, try this:


It is a little advanced, but is super cool when it works.

Otherwise, as Guges said, the best and easiest upgrade is to replace your battery.

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