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Lancer Interceptor SPR or Valken ASL+ Whiskey

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I'm looking at getting an AEG to have more options for play instead of just carrying a pistol.  I set up some parameters for myself to help narrow down my selection, those are:

- trying to stay at $200 or less when all necessary components are added in (battery, charger, BBs, mag)

- I am playing outdoors, nothing less than 30ft, no specific role, just doing whatever I need for the area.

- electric, with semi- and full auto capabliity, good trigger response

- consistent reliability and accuracy for the price range

- adjustable hop-up

- ready to go without needing any upgrades, but option for upgrades later on as I gain experience would be nice

With that, I have arrived at a couple of options: Lancer Interceptor SPR Gen 2 or Valken ASL+ Whiskey (assuming I can still find them in stock).  I've looked over the specs and reviews for both but couldn't find a side-by-side comparison of these two.  Does anyone here have some suggestions one way or the other, or pros/cons of either of these?  I think I saw in a review that mid-cap mags for the valken don't require winding, not sure if those are universal mags that could work in either gun but that seemed like a nice bonus.

I will say that right now I'm leaning toward the Lancer, but I'm also open to any other suggestions if there's something else out there that I missed.


Thank you for any feedback!

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added note about my preference of AEG based on reviews

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Midcaps never require winding, only hicaps require winding.  And Hicaps isnt a bad thing if you buy a "good" hicap.

Trigger response is based on the battery, Do Not Buy any cruddy Titan LION, all hype an no performance.  Bad Airsoft LIPO's by Tenergy or Valken works better then their overpriced LION's.

So with that...get a GOOD Airsoft battery and a GOOD charger.  B6/Hota charger at the minimum.  You can find those on amazon for 30.00.  Your wallet will be happy for the initial spend.

Being that it is a LT product, don't expect to much out of it.  It's not the Honda Civic of Airsoft...more like a Chevy Colbolt.

This would be a better Choice:


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Thank you for the tips, that is very helpful info on the mags and batteries.  Also thanks for the suggestion on the CM16 Raider, I'll have a look at it.  While looking at some comparisons I also came across the Classic Army Delta 10 (https://www.airsoftstation.com/classic-army-delta-10-nylon-fiber-aeg-airsoft-rifle-w-ecs-black/)  any thoughts on this as an option?  Thank you.

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Take every "review" with a massive amount of Salt.

I say this often and I will say this here.

American Consumerism Does Not Apply in Airsoft.

Most of the reviews are made by inexperienced people, some reviews is paid Propaganda (Titan LION Batteries....Game changer...yes...for the worse...)

Most upgrade parts are stock parts that are resold in bags at 2000% mark-up (A&K stock gear sets come from the same factory as SHS gear sets....and I know the owner of both companies...it's the same guy).

Most information that is disseminated is "Wrong", like clean your barrel with Silicone Oil...do you clean your windshield with oil?  No...so why would you clean a barrel with oil?  Same for putting oil in Gas Pistols...you don't want oil in the magazine.

Sadly distribution is "dumb", I worked for one company, I know.

And sadly, American's takes all this info as the Gospel and they sellers are just fleecing the Airsoft public...

Okay...I am off the soap box...

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UPDATE: I wasn't able to find a G&G Raider in stock with the setup I wanted (Raider 2.0 short, tan, etc) so I went ahead and got a Classic Army Delta 10 ECS, like this (https://www.airsoftmegastore.com/16462-classic-army-airsoft-polymer-delta-m4-skirmish-handguard-CA-NF005P&iid=18572)  I got a couple of Tenergy 9.6v nihm battery packs and a B6AC smart charger, and a pack of 0.25g BBs.  I played around 6 matches this weekend and the gun worked flawlessly!  I shot maybe 700rds total and not a single misfeed or any other issue.  The rate of fire on this thing is crazy good, better than any of the LTs on the field.  Thanks for the advice and steering me toward an option that so far is working out great 🙂

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