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VCF HK417 Loose charging handle + what to look for?

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Hi guys,

long time reader ... first time poster here! 

I just acquired a used VCF HK 417 GBBR and love the little beast. Few things need to be fixed, reason why I need to learn from you guys. I have four questions for you.

1. The charging handle is really shaky and loose. Is there a better alternative part that would fix this?

2. I read at few places that the week buffer spring would cause double feed (since the bolt bounce). My serial number starts by a 15 ...so I think that my riffle could have the issue (read it was fixed in 2016). I saw some kits here and there on the net. But any of you guys could recommend one that you know works well as well as not affecting the feeding speed too much? There are always kits better than other, but I was not able to figure it out from my reading.

3. I am not a fan of the stock. Can I fit any AR15 stock on the 417 or I need to look for  a specific standard?

4. Since shipping is quite expensive ...trying to bundle here. Is there any other parts you would consider a "must have" on the 417? I could try to order at the same time.

Thank you guys!






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Post this question on Airsoft Society too.

A lot more active people there.  Sadly Gasguns.info is no longer...they talked about the issue of the 417 extensively there.

As for springs and stuff.  There is not much for this platform.  Most is made for the MWS platform by Marui.  All others are batch runs and thus no one really supports a batch run product.

You can a MWS buffer spring to see if it works better or you can try getting some "other" springs that is found on the internet.

Right now on a GHK M4 we are trying a cut down 300BLK AR spring that is running soft for the GBBR needs,

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