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Airsoft rental guns

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Im new to the whole airsoft thing :)

I've changed my hobby from gambling to airsoft, and now im looking to start a rental bussiness and I was wondering if you guys could help me out :D

I did a lot of research and I've come to the conclusion that CYMA is the best bang for the buck.

Now I've been thinking I have a really small budget, and I don't really want to cut corners anywhere but then again I cant go all in in this rental thing, so I've been looking at a AK47 Cyma CM.022 and the Cyma  M4  CM.507. Im leaning more towards the AK variant. Im also buying old military suits, and buying masks and stuff. So I want your guys opinion before I go all in. I know I should look for those higher end CYMA-ak's but im a 19 year old with around 1300$ saved up. I want to be able to rent out for atleast 10 people.


Here's the picture of the ak. Is it durable



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While CYMA is a good "value".  It's not a good rental gun especially the CM022.  That is a MPEG and no one will want to rent it.

CYMA CM022 AK47 Semi/Full Auto AEG Airsoft Rifle w/ Full Rear Stock; 7.2V 700mAh Ni-Cd Batter

That is a back yard plinker...

Another reason why AK are NOT good rental guns is that it's NOT a modular AEG.

If you have a problem with the mechbox.  You cannot uncouple it and swap it with another one.
If you have a problem with the barrel.  You cannot uncouple it and swap it with another one.

The CM.507 is a RIS Model AR.  Skip that and get one with a conventional poly grip for cost savings.

Plus 1300.00 is not going to get you very many AEG's as rentals.  You need to get them via distribution or at least through a broker so you pay less for the items you need for your business.

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