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Im trying to buy a TM MK23 SOCOM. However I need to change the inner barrel which I will supply. Australia currently has some hollow legislation banning airsoft but we can have gel blasters (... and real firearms, go figure). Essentially the same thing aside from projectile/inner barrel. 

Assistance would be greatly appreciated 

Cheers from down under


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This is, essentially the only difference between gel blaster GBB/NBB pistols and airsoft GBB/NBB pistols.

 I'm keeping it a gel blaster. Its not worth the hassle, drama, fines, negative attention of having an airsoft gun in Australia under the current legislation. 

This is the above board method

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On 2/4/2021 at 10:50 PM, Guges Mk3 said:

So, you are changing the barrel outside of AU and then shipping the item in?

G'day Gugues mk3

After chatting with an experienced gelblaster technician the following points are whats required to satisfy customs about the designation of the toy

I spoke with a experienced gelblaster technician and he gave me the following points that would need to be met in order to satisfy customs and their function test. These points demonstrate that the gun cant fire 6mm airsoft BBs nor can it house them in the magazine/s. Removing any doubt as to its designation as a gel blaster.

- inner barrel swap and outer barrel drilled/bored out to suit (like doing maple leaf barrels) I will supply the barrel (7.3mm I/D x 8.8mm O/D )and gel balls for test firing and addition to the case contents in place of sample BBs.


- hop rubber and nozzle potentially


- magazine feed lips centre drilled to 6.01mm (so it won't hold airsoft BBs)


- feed slot on magazine honed/dremeled to 7.7mm to suit gel loading.


- potentially softer magazine spring compression. BB's are a lot denser that gels obviously.


I would need a letter outling that:


This mk23 for Kane is no longer capable of shooting 6mm airsoft BB's and is now converted to a gel blaster and shoots 7-7.5mm gel balls.


Airsoft technician

This letter I will submit with the B709A import permit.

All above board.

Do you know of an experienced airsoft technician who is up for the challenge?



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