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First Airsoft rifle.

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I'm either looking into getting either a AR15 or a AK type rifle or a hybrid of the two like a AR47.  It can also be a GBBR or a AEG. I'm also looking for one that has different options like M Lok or Key mod or one with different barrel offerings. Also I'm looking for something that's a good performer & that is fun to use. I don't play the sport but I'm looking for something to play with during this COVID stuff going on. And my budget is under 360$ which I still want something good even if I don't play the sport,.

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For 360...there are a lot of options.

You have stated you want pretty much anything AR/AK or a hybrid of the two.

Skip the hybrids.  Not many mad and the ones that were are not very good.

Focus on the item you want by searching the net and then asking about it.

Or if you want a Mystery Box for Cool new stuff.  Just send me the 380 and I'll ship you something cool, but you must specify it being an AR or an AK.

Other than me...no one with Airsoft Experience is on this Forum...they all went to Airsoft Society when this server crashed two years ago and never came back.

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