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Re-new to the game

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Greetings all. Getting back into the game after a good number of years. With the ammo shortage going on this is definitely a suitable alternative to keep practicing, and itll be a nice way to get out of the house and get some exercise thats easier on my body than wrestling practice lol after 16 years of taking bumps Im getting old and pretty close to my limit. Originally from Jersey but Ive been living in CO for the last 12 years and am lookin forward to getting onto the field, maybe joining a team once I get my loadout dialed in and get my feet wet so if anyone has recommendations feel free to hit me up. Been seeing some awesome skrimish vids in abandoned buildings, malls and such and that seems like a hell of a lot of fun. Im in the Denver area but Im no stranger to roadtripping for fun stuff.


Right now I have a KJW M9 with threaded barrel (mags probably need work after being shelved for years) and a mock suppressor, as well as a basic springer shotty but I have a nice order coming in from Evike tomorrow that Im pretty psyched about. Was thinking of doing an unboxing video once my order comes in, its rare when I can drop some coin for fun these days lol and id like to share it.  Thanks for havin me, lookin forward to stretchin my trigger finger again.

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Hi Welcome back to the sport.

This forum has died off due to the server failure 2 years ago.  All "vets" have pretty much left this server and went to Airsoft Society for US discussions.  However, that forum has it own issues and getting the ability to post there is rather monumental at this time.

However like 16 years ago...there are good brands and there are bad brands.  What did you get?

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