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O-rings for a GBB mag?

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I have a KJW M9 and havent used it in a while so im sure the mags wont hold gas, gonna give them a short blast of gas just to test but im sure theyre dead. I cant seem to find any kits or anything that tells me specifically what kind Id need so im thinking home depot may be my best bet. If anyone knows what I should look for Id appreciate it

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Home Depot has no parts readily useable for Airsoft.

Do NOT use Gas with oils in them.  It is a fallacy that this is the proper method for Airsoft lubrication.  It is only true for Freon guns from the 1990s.

Modern Airsoft pistols should be treated like a real firearm with real firearm oils or greases.

And as of late things are diverging for production standards including gases.  More impurities are getting into gases and ruining mags with leaks.  Just USE dry propane or other commercial gasses.

Before you try and fix a leak, it would help to know if you actually have a leak and where it is coming from.

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