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Show Off Your Rifle!

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Finally after a long and agonizing month I received the remaining parts fo my latest and rarest aquisition!


I present you the LEGEND!


Asahi M40







And a small comparisson of the M40A1 stocks that I have





Top to bottom

Tanaka, Sun Project,Asahi


I haven't fired it yet but I cycled the bolt. Shell ejection is a nice feature I must say!


Review by AATV here:


More... as I discover it!



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I think we can just end this thread..... as there will be nothing that will be greater than that rifle.




I do know what you went through to get the rifle.... and you went through hell and back. For as much time and effort you put into finding it and getting it there in Greece, you deserve it man.

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From what I know but can't verify is that the Asahi was an exact clone of the Reminghton M700 and everything is a drop in fit, except the stock that needs a minor mod.


Here's a few pic of the receiver and bolt.




As you said it doesn't have a firing pin and you can't remove the bolt from the receiver.

There's a pin in the way that has to be drilled our in order to remove it.


Everything is made of steel and it has only a plastic part.... The chamber where the shell expells the air.


The hard shells are also made of steel, the stock shells were brass, but more on that when I receive them!!

I found a 5 stock shells for it!!




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I'm telling you! One of these days I'm going to have an Asahi M40 or M700 as well! Been looking for a long time! :S


Even though we talked about this a few days ago, I would like to formally congratulate you with the holy grale of airsoft! The Asahi M40A1! Truly a beauty in airsoft history!



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Thanks man... I hope to find one... They are very well build and sexy!

I was lucky enough to find one in very good shape, it has some marks on one side of the stock, the receiver and barrel are like new!!


But I must admit it very un-practical ... It's not just the fact to pick up the shells and load a bb in them but filling them with air! It takes for ever to fill all 5 of them and I only have 5!!


It's very windy the last 2 weeks so I can't tell how it shoots but so far it looks nothing like the modern rifles in terms of accuracy! I don't know how good it will perform with the blade bullets though.

I won't even dare to compare it with the WA2K.


But then again I didn't bought for it's performance....




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G&G M14 with ghille cover. This is a great way to make a ghille wrap for you gun if you don't want to tie stuff directly to it. Just cut pvc tubing to fit your barrel, paint it, then hot glue ghille material to it instead. I drilled a hole in the pvc so I could put a thin bolt through the gap between the barrel and lower tube on my m14 to hold it on. Now if I'm not sniping I can take it off and play normally.



M14 with scope ghille only.




Barrel cover. Here you can see the cutout I made to fit around part of the barrel.






M14 with barrel and scope ghille






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After my M28 started slam firing for the second time, I pieced it, and put the barrel spacers (the best part of an M 28) into a new Well MB08. Allow me to introduce "Cindy"


Well MB08

M28 Barrel Spacers

NcStar Adjustable Bipod

Tasco 3-9X40 Rifle Scope with Butler Creek Scope Covers

Custom ATACS Camo with several clearcoats for protection









My next upgrade will be a TBB, but being relatively new to Airsoft, I am not sure what to get. As I understand it, a 6.01 means more FPS but less hop up, and a 6.05 is the opposite. Any advice from fellow L96 users would be very welcome.

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Lets get some more M700 goodness out there......


My Build:



FPS: Anywhere up to 900FPS with .20g BBs

Effective range: 300ft +



Internal Upgrades/Modifications:

-Stainless Steel Laylax 550mm 6.03mm VSR Barrell - $80

-G&G Knock Arm and Plunge Set - $20

-G&G Valve Knocker - $12

-G&G Striker Spring - $6

-G&G Rubber Set - $17

-G&G Gas Route Connector Spring - $6

Z Kit Ice R-Hop - $17.50 (being tuned, if not tuned in time, will install Modify bucking and add freebies and extras to make up for the loss)

Extra Tanaka Brass Nozzle -zilch

Modify VSR-10 Air Seal Bucking-$15


Total=$173.50 Internal Upgrades


External Upgrades/Modifications:

-Polished Bolt & Extra Nozzle as well as other extras stock - $30

-Spartan Doctrine Steel CCW Adapter - $15

-CenterPoint Adventure Class 4-16x40mm Scope - $65

-HPA Rig composed of:

-Pure Energy 48cu 3000PSI Tank - $40

-AKA 2-Liter Plus Dual Air Regulator - $95

-Remote Coil Hose w/ Quick Disconnects - $30


Total=$275 External Upgrades (not including work either)


-Stock Mag Tapped for HPA Rig

-Electrical Tape Spacers on Barrell, no vibrations

-Teflon Seals and Lubed O Rings

-Polished Bolt and Locktited Striker Spring

-Ice Hop Tuning

-Cleaned Regulator and O Rings

-CCW Adapter Epoxied In Barrell with screw holes filled in and painted over


Total FOR ENTIRE UPGRADES=$458+$173.50 (Gun)=$631.50 (minus ALL the shipping and work on it and R-hop install)


Eye Candy Time....





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Great looking rifles Wolf and Akakman. :)


After seeing that M700 I'm really considering getting one for my first sniper rifle. I know in my Beta Project m200 thread ya said I should start out with a spring gun but I really like gas guns.

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