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Your Complete Combat Role

Your Complete Combat Role:  

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  1. 1. Your Role:

    • Assault
    • CQB
    • MRR
    • LRR
    • Assault Recon
    • Stealth Recon
    • Sniper
    • Commander
  2. 2. Your Combat Style:

    • Regular
    • Fast Attack
    • Suppression
    • Marksman
    • Guerilla

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Sometimes I just rush the enemy team like a madman, while firing my little MP5K on full auto. Other times I crawl around in the forest trying to sneak closer to the enemy unseen. Some times I will just stroll casually in to the field, firing my my gun towards the enemy, not going into cover until I can hear their bb's fly right past my head.


Yes, I have on more than one occation been called "that crazy guy", hehe. I just like to hav fun on the field. :a-grin:

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Hello everyone, a few words before you look at the choices. There are too many combinations available to simply put into a poll, (60!) so they have been divided by role and combat type. The unfortunate drawback to this is that we cannot see the exact combinations. The other unfortunate drawback is that I’m allowed only two poll questions, so commander has been mixed with the other roles. Oh well. Please list your full role in a post after you vote, so we can have a better idea of what you are.

Commander: Responsible for directing movement and fire for the team as a whole, the commander is responsible for making sure all troops are operating at maximum efficiency. Do not fall for the common misconception, however, that the commander is an “HQ” unit that stays away from the main force in favor of plotting in some back tent. The commander usually fulfills a second role in addition to his main. This role can be just about anything other then recon. Think of them as “Squad Leaders” if it makes you more comfortable with their combat role.


As a commander, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the various roles and their uses. I think that there are actually many more roles then most people believe. Below I have assembled some of the various roles and their subgroups:


(Note that none of these groups use actually military terminology for their name! These are simply roles I see on the battlefield and have given names.)



Assault: The mainstay of any attacking force, assault is a vital role that can never be quite fully realized by any other class. It is the assault trooper’s job to attack enemy positions, as well as taking and holding strong points. I have divided it into three sub-groups:

CQB: Masters of movement, those who fall into this role are experts in getting into close quarters battles and winning. Those who fall into this role must be unafraid of taking large volumes of fire, possibly over extended periods of time; they must also be able to negotiate enemy ambushes and be able to respond quickly to any emerging threat. However, these troops usually lack ranged firepower, (short guns) and are virtually useless without Medium-Range Rifleman or Support. This is what I play in addition to my commander role.

Medium-Range Rifleman (MRR): The vast majority of players I see fall into this category. MRR’s are players who prize flexibility, but tend to remain at medium ranges where their guns can wreak the most havoc. This is not to say that MRR’s stay relatively immobile, quite the opposite, they are constantly moving to achieve the best possible firing angle. They are an invaluable resource to any team, especially when coupled with other specialty classes. Their weakness is that they may be overpowered at longer or shorter ranges by more specialized soldiers.


Long-Range Rifleman (LRR): If you want a position held, LRR’s are the class to use. These are players who prefer to find a position and pop off their targets with accurate rifle fire. This class is less about movement and more about holding a strong point. This is not to say they are simply turrets, LRR’s are constantly on the lookout for superior positions. They are brilliant at holding objectives and supporting their teammates, I always try to include at least one on any team I pick. Their weakness is that they need other troops to help them slow the enemy, as fast moving units easily overwhelm them.




Recon: Recon players are stealth troops, getting close to the enemy before launching vicious flank and rear attacks, as well as setting traps for the advancing foe. They also play an important scout role, finding enemy positions and reporting the locations of hostile units. They are divided into two classes:


Assault Recon: These are the troops you never saw coming. The people who fall into this class have a keen eye for hidden troops and can accurately guess enemy movements. They move into positions you never thought possible, to assault you in directions you never considered. How many times have you been taken out by someone who suddenly appeared at your flank, just when your main force engaged the enemy? How many times have you been holding that objective when someone appeared out of nowhere and killed you all? You know the kind of player I’m talking about. Their mission is simple: Get in a good position, hide, and attack when it’s least expected. This is a great player to have on any team, but it is a very rare person who has the right qualities to pull it off. Their weakness is primarily their own skill; any mistake and they are taken out. A secondary weakness is a coordinated enemy, a smart enemy may allow no opportunity for the assault recon to attack. This is what I play when not in my commander role.


Stealth Recon: This is what you think when you hear “recon”. These are the troops who sneak ahead of the main force, and concern themselves with planting traps and finding out what the enemy is up to. When not active with these duties, they fight a guerilla war, slowing, confusing, and eliminating the enemy at every turn. The stealth recon’s weakness is saturated fire, any amount of large fire will take out these lonely soldiers.



Sniper: A billion topics have been written on being a sniper, the foremost of which is here. I’m 99% sure you are not a sniper, so forget it.





We can further separate these categories by additional combat types:


Regular: Balanced in many aspects, these players spend about an equal amount of time training for all scenarios. These are your average, flexible Airsoft players.

Fast Attack: These players are fast. They move fast, scramble over cover fast, and even fire fast. They are all about the mobile assault, taking firepower directly into the heart of the enemy. (Though not necessarily from the front.) They follow orders immediately and without question, for time is always of the essence. They are excellent for harassment tactics as well as quick decisive strikes and ambushes.

Suppression: These players keep people down, afraid to move while other forces move into position. Contrary to popular belief, suppressors do not saturate an area with fire. They pick their shots carefully, pegging anything exposed, until the enemy crawls inside the mentality of “exposure equals death.” Not as movement oriented as others, they fill the critical role of providing safe lanes of movement for teammates.


Marksman: These are medium to long range players who favor the slow advance, checking and clearing each area before proceeding. They move slowly but regularly, mowing down enemies like an advancing tank. They work best in groups, as that allows their advance to continue at a constant rate. They are excellent at setting up fire zones and attacking enemy positions. They also exceed at holding objectives.


Guerilla: Recon’s and Snipers usually fall into this role, which centers around fighting an invisible war. These players may go through whole games with out firing a shot, instead taking down foes with traps and misdirection, leading them into ambushes. Not a common role, and not especially useful in small games (E.G. 4V4) they are nonetheless a worthwhile teammate. These players know a little bit of information goes a long way, and they provide the team with status reports field wide. The trade off is that they are generally not as effective in straight up combat.





I probably forgot something, but that’s pretty close to complete. I’m a Commander-CQB-Fast Attack, or an Assault Recon-Fast Attack when command is not required of me. What are you guys?

I would say I am a fast attack, assault, and long range. I have copes on all my rifles and love to pick off my enemy one at a time and force them back. When they are small in numbers, pushed back into a group, and kept in a corner under cover, I charge end yell at the top of my voice and engage quickly from the front to the flank and get them from behind as I close in and take em' out. "Hold em' by the nose and kick em' in the :censored2:"-General George S. Patton. Thats how its done.

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Assault-Guerilla. This isn't paired on the list, but, y'know.

After seeing stuff like Red Dawn (The classic) and various games I started looking up and studying guerilla tactics and immediately decided that's the best way for me to fight against stronger enemies. (Some people I play with are veterans, so they have tactics down.)

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Honestly I sit a bit off on these categories.. I guess I would be a Recon Long Range Rifleman? I keep myself light and mobile while using my extensive hunting experience to keep to concealment, I'm not a sniper but more DMR support. I pick my targets with care and almost always find myself on a flank or concealed.

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Assault Recon/Fast Attack/Intimidation


I play mostly night games. Im the first to go in, usually sprinting to the best possible building/cover for the game type. I normally find myself behind enemy lines and they never know I am there. I usually wait until the biggest possible group of enemies start converging towards me in the open and then I open fire, startling them and they usually fall back to cover with what guys they have left. After the game is over I usually ask the guys "What went through your mind?" most of them say "Your gun was so loud it sounded like there were 20 guys there!"


I have a nickname at the field "Green Giant" because of my height and the camouflage I wear. I have adopted it as my call-sign.


There's my complete combat role.

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