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Post A Pic Of Your M4 Or M16 Varient

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What brand gun is that? Is it an AEG, GBBr or Real Steel?


PTW Systema ^ ^



- PTW SCK MAX 2008, install of the year 2009

- Upper LMT MRP (Real-Spec Modified)

- 556 Ejection Port Dust Cover (Real-Spec Modified)

- AR A1 Tear Drop Forward Assist (Real-Spec)

- Low Profile Gas Block LMT (Real-Spec)

- Rail Cover FDE color (For Airsoft adapt for support M910 myself)

- Front and Rear Sights PRI (Real-Spec www.pri-mounts.com)

- Dual Beam Aiming Laser Advanced

- M910 SureFire + SureFire Red filter (Real-Spec)

- KAC M4 QD Silencer 5.56MM with SR16 Flash Hider (Real-Spec)

- Outter Barrel Black Steel (Real-Spec modified)

- PDI .01 (A1) Inner Barrel + HOP

- Systema M165 Silver Cylinder Unit for CQB/M4A1 with Systema Cylinder Head and spring Assembly M130

- Lower body LMT CNC (Prime Airsoft)

- receiver extension tube 6-position Brownells Military Specification Product (Mil-Spec Modified)

- AR-15 receiver plate (Real-Spec)

- Receiver Extension Buffer Tube Lock Ring AR-15 Carbine (Real-Spec)

- LMT Crane stock Military Specification Product (Mil-Spec)

- AR-15 OVERSIZE & AMBI MAG RELEASE (Real-Spec modified)

- Hand grip STARK EQUIPMENT CORP with rubber + QD Sling (Real-Spec modified hand-operated)

- Steel Tricker Shoe (Real-Spec)

- Charging handle TROY INDUSTRIES, INC. (Real-Spec)

- YHM EZ Pull Takedown Pin (Real-Spec)

- Systema Selector Lever for PTW (modified handmade)

- KNS M16/M4 NON-ROTATING SEAR PIN (Real-Spec modified)


- Magpul B.A.D. Lever (Real-Spec modified)

- pmag (Real-Spec modified)

- CompM4(Real-Spec) + Mount KAC

and now increase the new item but not update picture


- Battle Arms Development - Ambidextrous Safety Selector AR15/AR10 - Semi Auto (Real-Spec modified)

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Looks like a CA PSD. I like it when people aren't afraid to mutilate their LWRC. Do you plan on painting the suppressor, sights and optic too?


I was thinking about painting the suppressor for sure but I'm a bit hesitant. I'm definitely going to look into adding a bit more brown into the gun as well though. And yes it is a CA PSD nice call :P

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I've seen far too many guns with JUST a front sight base and I have to ask, does that even work??


It just seems so unpractical.


On a side note, the biggest mistake to make would be ordering a gun and a slough of Magpul parts on a FRIDAY NIGHT because then you have to wait until MONDAY to get a damn shipping confirmation.




And xmattedgex, that last pic looks oddly reminiscent of some of Stickman's work. This one in particular (don't want to post RS pic so I'll just link) Nice job!

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Wow James, intersting gun. Pretty unique, something thats hard to do with an m4 these days.


I can dig it.


Thanks man! It has a brother (MRP Tan) posted in 1000$ gun. This one is also above a grand.

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Here's my Magpul/Vltor/LWRC thingy.


I guess I'll start off by saying I just ate some Pringles. They were delicious.


Anywho, here she is. Just overwent a little overhaul. The LWRC rail is temporary, I'll be putting on a Troy TRX Extreme rail eventually. BUT, I'm still happy with how she looks :)




Avalon Rotex IIIC .223 supressor

CA LWRC PSD front assembly

G&P Vltor upper reciever (aquired seperately from the lower)

G&P Magpul lower reciever

G&P ambi mag release

Magpul PTS MIAD grip

Magpul Re-inforced motor plate

Magpul XTMs


Magpul CTR

G&P buffer tube

Magpul .25" cheek riser

Magpul .5" buttpad




PDI 6.01 285mm tightbore barrel

Prometheus purple bucking & nub

Systema Hopup chamber

Systema 7mm bearings

Systema gearbox shell

Cratus Sorbo cylinder/piston head set

Systema half-cylinder

Systema air nozzle

Systema stainless steel M120 spring

Systema ball bearing spring guide

Prometheus Torque gearset

Prometheus anti-reversal latch

ASCU Mosfet system

Systema Magnum motor


Soooooooooo, the Magnum is only in there until tomorrow (thank you Evan lolz), BUT I was able to get some results.


Shoots about 405 +- 5 fps. Not terrible. I am currently getting 27 rps on a 9.6v battery (As you can imagine, 3 round burst is really, REALLY fun).


Gets around 100 yards with .3s (man sized). Now, if you're just going to rag on me about my impossible range, please keep your mouth shut. For those of you who care to listen, here's the deal. Behind the shop (my workplace) we have the base of a pine tree rangefound at 107 yards. This rifle is making it to the tips of the brances, and then dropping (this was done with Boival .3g bbs). I've also had confirmed hits at this range.







Excellent looking built FailCat :a-wink: .

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its been a while since I took any pics of my guns. ive been running this set up since june so, this posting is a little late. still considering optics and a suppressor. gun is a polar star fusion engine installed into a echo1 platinum edition body with DD RISII rails






sorry the pics aren't the best, my new smart phone doesn't take as good of photos as I had thought

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were did u get the new railed front aslembely

Not an entire front assembly, its just a DD Mk18 ris II on an echo 1 cqbr upper. At the time godfatherairsoft were the only ones in stock. Evike has them now.




here is the M4 Finished.




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Oops. I guess this is where I should've posted the pictures of my gun the first time eh? Oh well I'll put some pictures up here as well.

Painted them yesterday using krylon brown and tan. Pretty good for a first attempt?



(These guns are both GBBRs)

First one is a WA Clone (Well body, new bolt group). Full metal. Got it for $70 with just a broken nozzle. Pretty sweet deal imho.






Got some random ACM acessories on it at the moment. (Foregrip and flashlight). I'm most likely going to get an M203 soon so the foregrip will be gone pretty soon. I'm also looking at getting a 4x ACOG and an AN/PEQ-15 in tan.




Then we have my plastic M4A1. JG body, well bolt, broken nozzle. Going to make a cheap effort of trying to make this into somewhat of a short range semi sniper. I have a 4x Scope laying around somewhere, just need some new mount rings for it. I also have a CASV rail system laying around. Might end up putting that on. I didn't like the way it felt on the gun before. But I think actually mounting all of the screws might make it less wobbly.










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