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Post A Pic Of Your M4 Or M16 Varient

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a couple of new builds in progress and a couple of old ones




Sickness. I will never understand why King Arms and G&P stopped production on the M7A1. I will also never understand why I sold mine 2 years ago. :a-rolleyes: Plastik, you always impress me with your builds. Well done brother!!

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thanks APEX! I know totally know what you mean about king arms and g&p discontinuing the M7. It was such a great gun. I regretted selling my king arms version 4 years ago and ironically enough I don't know why I did either. I haven't been able to find another one until recently I decided to build one using g&p parts and even they was hard to find.

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M4 SOCOM* - G&P M4A1 RAS /w upgrades

Peq16*, aimpoint*+3x magnifier, flashlight, asap, gps garmin 301

grenade launcher*









MK18 MOD0* - DBoys body, various internals /w upgrades

Peq15* /w red laser, 553 dot*, stubby grip*, ctr stock, stock raiser, mic pom, silencer*, troy sight*, flashlight, gps garmin 301

custom paintjob (by Thor from ASR), battleworn by me.


* replicas


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Where did you get that done? Or did you do it yourself? Either way looks awesome and I'll be looking into doing something similar now, thanks for the inspiration.


Glad you like the look. I had it done in the Bay Area. West Coast Hydrographix in Daly City. You can have the same work done at almost and shop that does custom water transfer.

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body g&p m4a1 (inernals upgrades: rubber firefly soft, motor p&j high torque and precision barrel madbull black python 2 - 6,03mm)

stock dboys /w glowstick

eotech 552

G27 style pistol grip

fenix flashlight /w pressure pad

peq15 /x green laser and flashlight & pressure pad

g&p backsight

g&p frontgrip

kac supressor

asap slingmount

custom paintjob


+ I'm waiting for my aws raptor and it's ready for BW

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Here's my King Arms Gbbr with at least 5 Magpul stuff. I will be getting a DD 9" omega rail soon and put a AFG from my other gun on it and some front/real MBUS sights.


Oops wrong thread but I'll still keep it here


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My humble Echo 1 M4. This is one of the older ones cloned from Marui that had the stupid non-realistic Delta ring.


Waiting on a JG S-system upper receiver + Barrel + RAS I bought off a guy in Iowa.


Yes, the bayonet is fixed. I'm going to miss that feature when I lose the bayonet lug, but for as wicked as it looks, it's not very practical. Far more flexible to have both weapons separate, lol.


I also see I am not the only person who has P-Mags. Although I have them, I personally hate them. I prefer metal-body standard STANAGs or the smooth-sided E-Mags as my pouches like those. That said, I would have been an idiot to not accept seven free 30-rounders with my M4 purchase.


Will take a better photo when the upper swap is done.



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So finally I'll post something here.... Classics!


Sheriff M16 w/LRB




JAC M16vn








I'm also waiting for this to arrive from Booster...

Custom Sheriff M635 w/LRB probably one of a kind! (not my photo)






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