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Post A Pic Of Your M4 Or M16 Varient

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My latest project. VFC SR-16. bought as a non-runner. All fixed and given a new paint job. Firing at 348FPS (legal limit is 350!)




my old G&P EOD




and an ICS M4 I painted for a team mate.



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Fine , I'll bite and add my primary as well.


It started life as a 2009 CA M15A4 X-series.


The only internal upgrade ive done is upgraded the spring to an m120.


I love this gun but I do plan on doing some internal upgrades.


Prommy barrel

Prommy purple hop up bucking?(any reccomendations)

SHS 16:1 gears if the current ones ever strip


Also ive found pmags and emags wobble a bit and sometimes cause feeding issues but the KWA Kmag series fit perfectly with no wobble/feeding issues



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What's going on in the gas block area?

sr-25 front kit. the gas block is the one designed for attatching the silencer. it has small rail sections on the top and bottom.

I have od larue index clips on them for looks

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Guest alberty

I'm falling behind on AKs...well I'm trying out these new handguard styles for now, though I had been used to quadrails for so long.



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Still working on it. Trying to make it something close to a SOPMOD Blocks 1.5, give or take a couple realities. :P






On it I currently have:

-Base gun is an AirsoftMegastore Armory AMR-4A1. No internals have been changed.

-unknown brand RIS with AIM sports rail covers

-KAC foregrip

-random battery bag

-Chinese Eotech 552 clone, thinking about changing this to a 553 if I can find one cheap enough.

-and an unknown brand LE Stock which I will soon be changing to a crane stock.


I will be adding a PEQ box on as well soon, hopefully. I am also in search of a weapons light to add on. I will also be trying to rewire it to the rear when I get a crane stock.

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