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Converting From Kjw To Tanaka

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Hey guys, I have a KJW m700 that I bought in August, and last night was my first time actually using it. What happened was I had to turn down the FPS to meet the field limit, so I did once and I went to chrono it but it was still shooting hot, so I took the bolt apart and it exploded because of the springs. Right then I decided to get a tanaka because first of all, I got a crap KJW seeing as how they have bad quality control, I got one of the bad ones and all my shots would go everywhere. I checked my hopup unit and it was made very badly.


So yeah..ive checked on a lot of topics on the forums, and I saw that theres post ban rifles and pre ban rifles I know the difference, but what I want to know is where I can get a m700 from within the US and have it preban if its possible. If its not, I was thinking about ordering from WGC.


If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it a lot.


PS. I know the m700 and m24 are basically the same gun, but which would you choose?

PPS. Would the KJW m700 mags fit in the tanakas?


Thanks again guys

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