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Gbb 20oz Co2 Mod (pics)

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Okay, I have an HFC m190 GBB, it runs of 12g co2s. My hope is to convert the mag to run off of a 20oz co2 tank or a 48/3000 compressed air paintball tank, I would prob connect a palmer pursuits low pressure reg to the bottle and have a 6mm 90 degree elbow fitting connected to macroline (a 6mm hose). I would eather mod the silver screw like thing that you screw the co2 cartridge down with or figure out a gas through path by bypassing the opening completely...and running the hose up into the mag.I found this little guyhere

, does this have anyhting to do with what im doing?



Does anyone know the operating psi of the HFC m190?

Any tips, help and advice would be great! thanks!


here are some pictures of my plans and my gun


















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If your plan on using that HPA tank get one with a adjustable Reg or a LP tank don't think the palmers fit on those. That tank has a preset output of 8OO.


CO2 is iffy. After fast firing it tells to freeze and turn to liquid which I don't think those seals will hold up to unless you change them out to a thicker urthie (SP?) ring or such. Its pressure is not constant which usally lead to a drop off it may start at 300psi but as you continue to fire it will drop. Plus it don't like the cold. Classic example of this is take a can of that compressed air that you buy to clean a computer with. Then hold down the nozzle for about 15 seconds and the gets cold enough that frost forms.


Another reason is that when you don't have your CO2 source straight up and down it liquid will draw into the gun. CO2 acts alot like a half drank of a bottle of Soda. Example of liquid CO2 take that same can of air now turn it upside down and spray it (Don't spray it on your skin you'll end up getting a CO2 burn or frost bite)

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HPA= High Pressure Air


You cannot use co2 in those tanks.. It is not recommended.


Most of them are filled with a substance in our atmosphere known as Nitro


These tanks are only supposed to be filled to a preset value, Depending on the size and how much pressure the tank can take.. In this case, This tank can only be filled with 48 CU and 3000psi of Nitro


Co2 is very iffy indeed as It is transfered from a charging station to the tank in a liquified form instead of in a compressed state like HPA tanks. HPA is more consitent whilst co2 Is affected much by the atmosphere, basically the temperature.


Looks like a very interesting project indeed...



Im not sure abvout the exact pressure that 12 gram catridges run on, sorry..


I think a remote line would be a better idea.. I never had much luck with macrolines

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One reason I have never cared for these setups on pistols is, fact you really can't change magazines. Since your airsource is connected throught there.


Personally I would just set the low pressure regulator to 50 psi, try to shoot it...and go up from there. You will probaly be looking at 80-100 psi pressure range.

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