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G&g M14 Takedown/gearbox Takedown!

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Well I got brave tonight and decided to pull apart my gearbox to install a Systema M130 spring. First problem arose when I tried taking the motor off. I guess I pulled too hard and one of the red wires BROKE IN HALF. Thats right, it snapped like a twig. So now I have to go out to Home Depot and get some solder to put it back together. After about 10 times of pieces flying out upon installation of the new spring, I think I have everything back together right.


Question: Does the teeth position of the big black gear that is directly underneath the piston matter when reinstalling? I'm guessing the motor (when installed) will spin until it makes a complete turn or until the piston is pulled back and released.


Oh and I need to buy a small C-clamp to hold the upper halves of the gearbox together so I can snap on that piece of metal that covers the hole in the top of the gearbox.

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anyone else have any problems with taking out the little pin on the LEFT side of the gun?? mine wont seem to come out and im wondering if there is a relatively easy way to do it.


thanks in advanced

The pin holding the slide catch in place? I just take a small allen wrench, put it up against the side of the receiver and hit the top with a heavy wrench.

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