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Bg Hopup Issues With M24

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Hey guys,

well about 2 months ago I posted about this problem. I will say again some of the problems. So, in my tanaka I have a 6.01 tightbore, along with the bg hopup, and custom upgraded with km steel impact plate. To test if it was indeed the hopup, I tried dropping the bbs in the barrel like a muzzle loader, then cycling the bolt for gas, and well....the power was where it should be with out the hopup. so um..basically I then tried it like reuglarly, using .36's, and puttin it in the mag, and then cycling the boltas u normally would. Well, the result was about not even half the pwer, very inconsistant and inaccurate...basically worthhless. I also did this with hopup turned all the way down, and same exact thing. So, basically, um, I thought the problem was that the extened nozzle that comes with the bg hopup was puishing it to far in, and leaving the bb sealed too tightly allowing not enough gas to really push the bb out. So, I tried switching out the extended nozzle, and put in the stocknozzle, which is about half the length. Same problems...no better. So I know it has to do with the rubber, but I don't understand what could b wrong. Instalation, was exactly as people directed me. Simple taking out the previous inner barrel, getting the 6.01, filing the hole wider so it could fit the bg hopup rubber, then just put the hopup in slid it over the barrel, so the lil rubber was going out of the hole, then sealed everything up. As for the nozzle, just pulled off the old one, put the new one in, put the white protector thing over it and hammered it in. That's it. I have repositioned the rubber 3 times, each time, the rubber was fine, but I sitll did it 3 times....and well..I don't know what to do anymore. Any help please?? I was going to try another bg hopup rubber off of evike, and try it again. Thanks guys let me kno please. I have been tryen to fix this thing for 2 months. Thanks

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