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Looking To Play In The New Jersey Area?

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Most likely opening an area to play in the summer in West Milford. Would be mostly woods skirmish, some private land some state land. Been playing there for a few years with small groups of friends and haven't had any issues. Hopefully get a set up by summer of 2011 for some larger games, the amount of free space is pretty ridiculous. Price would be a small cover charge if not free. Place gets discounted pizza as well due to how much we've ordered there so that'd be cheap for a long day of play. Send me a message if you'd be interested. Also looking at a couple areas of privately owned property in Sussex County for some games as well. Lemme know!

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Hiya, :a-grin:

I'm 26 and live in Toms River. There really isn't anywhere to play (except Cousins in Manchester). I plan on going to GodFather's indoor CQB arena in Flemmington, and outdoor in Whitehouse(?) NJ. Since each place is about 1hr 20mins away, I would really like to get some people together and play as regularly as possible (preffered weekly).


Ultimately I'd like to have game scenarios closer to Toms River, alas it's slim pickings. If there are any guys young or old, experienced or inexperienced that would like to go to events, or even just practice; gimme a shout. I can provide anyone who's interested in tactics, squad mechanics, CQB & rural tactical training, equipment handling, etc. all that I have learned over the years of personal experience. It has been a few years since I've played, but I'm REALLY interested in getting involved in airsoft again. I'm eat/sleep/breathing airsoft, and can't wait to get this going.


I (like many others) have a family/work stuff, and will devote as much free time as possible.


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Hey guys Cousins in Manchester is now longer ran by cousins, well at least airsoft is not. The new airsoft ran by there is called sanj (Soft air NJ) they have a site www.Softairnj.com. My team (Airsoft Tactical Corps) Composed of X military, Civilian etc . We play there alot and they just did some massive improvements to the field and gameplay. You guys should check it out. Im sure you wont be dissapointed by the new field and gameplay. You have questions feel free to ask.


Has anyone been to cookies chaos in awhile?


Also anyone looking to join a professional Airsoft Team Send me an email with your information to Blindmank13<AT>att.blackberry.net

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