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Post Pics Of Any Custom Paintjob On A Gun, Here

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Classic Army Mk12 Mod 0




1. Base coat of Rustoleum rusty brown primer, dry overnight

2. Wide stripes of Krylon tan 12-18" inches apart at an angle down the side of the rifle, dry for 15 minutes

3. Break up edges of tan stripes w/Krylon OD, dry for 15 minutes

4. Slight misting of brown again, dry overnight

5. Snakeskin entire gun VERY lightly with Krylon tan.


I did the same thing on the scope and red dot, but as you can see I snakeskinned it a little more heavily than the gun. Oh well, still looks good.


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Shwell that MASADA looks sick, I prefer it half painted like that, if it was the whole gun it would just be overdone.


Im looking for a paintjob for cqb gun, so no need to worry about camouflaging so far the only ideas Ive had is leave it stock black, paint it a black/gray/white urban camo, or paint it gold.

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Well here's my somewhat custom painted M9. The gun is an HFC M190 ABS Semi Auto model. I started with 2 coats of Rustoleum White Primer, then a coat of Rustoleum Flat White, followed by another coat. Then finished off with 2 coats of Rustoleum Matte Clear Coat. Before I painted, I disassembled the whole gun to paint. And The slide came out horribly because I was too impatient :a-angry: And the fake compensator is off of an old Firepower Super Raider CO2 gun, which was also partially painted White.





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Doc that DCU M733 is slick!


Shwell, is that the sponge technique as well? I likes it.


My buddy wanted me to paint his never-even-used 2007 CA sportline (blehh lol) in a "light desert color". I asked if he cared what I did, he said nah, go for it. I had never painted an entire gun before, and I think it came out well:








It actually looked amazing, so I sent him a picture of it and he said it was too dark, so I had to work over all the awesome green/brown/black tones with more khaki/tan and mist on some spots :( I used a fly swatter, and I still think it came out really nice though it is far too light for my liking. And no, it was not disassembled because he said he did not care to have me do so, just said tape and spray since he never uses it.

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MK18 MOD0* - DBoys body, various internals /w upgrades

Peq15* /w red laser, 553 dot*, stubby grip*, ctr stock, stock raiser, mic pom, silencer*, troy sight*, flashlight, gps garmin 301

custom paintjob /w krylon colors (by Thor from ASR), battleworn by me.




















Tokyo Marui M14* /w EBR Kit TGS Full Metal /w various internal upgrades and fires on semi-auto only

scope* /w scope mount, tripod KA, silencer*

custom paintjob with krylon by Gabi (from ASR)



* replicas

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Shameless self promotion...


A-TACS bits on my Classic Army B&T MP5A4 RIS





A-TACS WE Open Bolt M4 Recon Rifle (build still in progress)













And here's the MP5, M4, P226, sniper slide from hell, P229, various barrel extensions/amplifiers/suppressors, and rubber knife. The whole armory lol...



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Hidden M4




That paint jobs pretty sick man, you gotta tell me how you did that.


But anyways heres my paintjobs. I just have spray paint and painters tape but I think they look decent, all but the last two are mine


DPMS M4 with 3 color tiger stripe scheme


DE Tri-shot with basic stripes and the Monster logo


Paintball mask with the Punisher skull on it



CYMA AK with a custom paint job. I gave it a tan/brown base, then took two different sized AK silhouette stencils with Olive and Hunter green. The second pic shows the AKs better.





Im sure you've all seen this around the field. This was a JG AK that I painted in a basic PMC look, but then I heat stippled a few designs into it. I've improved on this as well.



CA M14 painted in a classic woodland camo, USMC logo outlined in the stock


ECHO 1 M416 painted in a PMC theme, the stock says "Infidel" in arabic


JG M4 with a two color stripe pattern. Really basic paintjob but I think it looks great


Just my first stab at some text stenciling





Cubsfan's M4, classic woodland camo. Came up with the text for the squad name stencil



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Blue Tiger Well L96 w/ Scope.. FOR SALE Too ! PM if ya want



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Generation 4, Jing Gong (Golden Eagle) G36K. Nylon fiber body. Did a custom futuristic battle worn design. The WHOLE ENTIRE gun had been disassembled, and then EVERY SINGLE screw and bolt hole were re-tapped, and re-threaded to the next available size if it was an uncommon size, say... Those dreaded 2.6mm? Or even a 2.5mm? Yeah... Gone. No plastic, or normal steel remains at all what so ever. Even the small threaded plugs inside spots like the switchs, or securement areas. All upgraded to high strength stainless steel... Everything. Most screws were replaced with socket, or button heads also for easy break down later on. Also, every single screw was joined with stainless lock washers, and stainless nuts / or lock nuts where fit. Nothing was overlooked. Even the springs were replaced with stainless. www.boltdepot.com helped a lot... Also, any bolt holes not utilized, were plugged up with stainless for the time being. The high cap mag, and sights were no exception either. Otherwise, the stainless upgrade would have easily cost over $100 in stores, and most sizes, or combinations weren't available. I can definitely say absolutely NO jiggling in this gun besides the BB's. Feels a bit heavier too... Go figure. LOL Inside the charging handle, the rollers were removed, and replaced with a new set of thick aluminum rollers. Also the fuse was replaced with a ceramic one to increase durability. The gun was fitted with a modified flashlight which reaches around 200 feet easily, and also has a strobe setting to blind. Also a blue low light separate for close range.


The paint job... In order...


1 Coat Grey Primer

1 Coat Black Primer

1 Coat Grey Primer


Wet Sanded


1 Coat Black Primer

2 Coats Steel Flake

1 Coat Aluminum Paint


Wet Sanded


1 Coat Black Primer

1 Coat Black Flat Paint


Hand-made template applied


2 Coats Steel Flake

2 Coats Aluminum Paint


Template removed, and immediately lightly wet-sanded to blend features into each other. Black Wash applied to whole gun body, and Aluminum Paint dry brushed along edges for worn look. Even if the paint is scratched off, or dug into, it just adds to the scheme by showing a metallic primed underneath. Also, a light-weight liquid rubber was slushed inside hollow areas, such as the folding butt stock, and the latch that holds it to the body. The charging handle / plate was also recoated with a teflon paint, to aid in the sliding mechanisim in case of rubbing against the body. The handle on top is purely for carrying, but can be used as a quick iron sight, since the inside of it had been slightly modified to do so. Had to make use out of a junk gun, right? LOL I know most of the changes are purely cosmetic, but... Meh... It was fun, and a challenge. Next I want to start internal upgrades. Stainless barrel for starters. Gun is shooting around 390 fps with .25, I'm sure I can manage to figure out how to jack it up to over 500 fps. LOL



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<AT>Boomshtick: That SAW looks top notch. Can't really say anything other than that. Its just my taste...


<AT>SerpentDragonZX: When I saw painted G36, I was weary... But I think you pulled it off rather nicely.

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I wasn't sure which thread to post this in because it qualifies for the SPR/DMR thread, M16 variant thread, and $1,000 rifle thread (WELL over the mark). Anyways here is my custom Duracoat Multicam M16 VLTOR/magpul/DD/whatever it is rifle with its various setups and my KWA ATP-







I didn't like the look of the crane stock or KA sniper grip very much so I got the PRS a while back and switched back to the normal M4 handgrip. Also went with a 553.



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